Our Journey

Jonathan Valder

On occasion I think back to the first time I attempted to sit and meditate. I sat on my pillow, set the timer on my Casio watch to fifteen minutes later, and shut my eyes. I recall thinking “nothing is happening, I am just sitting here thinking with my eyes closed”. Fifteen minutes later I opened my eyes and was even more discontented than when I first sat down. I was eighteen years old then, I did not attempt to sit quietly again until I was twenty years old at a temple in northern Thailand. I had three days of instruction, and other than grandmother google, the Tao Te Ching, and Eckhart Tolle, I had no further guidance until I was twenty three. Like any relationship, meditation and I had our ups and downs, our breaks and our breakthroughs, and like many dysfunctional relationships, I always seemed to return. The first time I tried yoga I was twenty one years old. Three months after meeting my partner Linn I decided I would join her at a Wanderlust festival in New Zealand. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had to date! Afterwards Linn and I packed away our new found love for one another and for yoga and moved to a small island off the coast of New Zealand. It was there that I really began to taste and savor the fruits of the seeds of practice I had sown in the years prior. Since then we have participated in three silent ten day Vipassana meditation retreats, a life changing two hundred hour yoga teacher training in northern India, a three hundred hour advanced teacher training with AMAZING teachers in Vancouver at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts, and my relationship with meditation has transformed into a positive, long term commitment.


My entire experience with yoga and meditation has enriched my life in countless ways; physically I feel mobile, strong, fast, and flexible. Mentally and emotionally I feel strong, flexible, present, receptive, creative, and self aware. The mind-body connection and mobility that I have cultivated through my daily practice has also greatly improved my body weight calisthenics, longboarding, snowboarding, handstand practice, hiking, and rock climbing. The most substantial benefit that has fueled my desire to share, teach, and guide others is the balance I am starting to experience to some degree in all aspects of my life.

If I can achieve this, so can you! Let's learn together.

Linn Taule

Yoga has been an inspiration and a fascination of mine for a long time. I moved to New Zealand to study and yoga became an essential part of my daily life. I completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation with a major in outdoor education at Auckland University of Technology in 2014. Yoga was an extremely important tool for me then (and still is), to keep my body healthy and happy. I participate in various activities including rock climbing, hiking and kayaking, all with negative effects on the body when performed over long periods of time. My interest in yoga was primarily fitness based, but I began to develop an increased awareness to something beyond. I have always felt content and happy spending time in nature, when playing my guitar, or creating a colorful painting, and wonderfully enough, practicing yoga makes me feel the same way. It was not until I met my beloved Jonathan who introduced me to mediation that I understood. Yoga is so much more! My yoga journey took flight and suddenly Jonathan and I were living together on a hippie island off the coast of New Zealand practicing yoga everyday. We then discovered that we wanted to become teachers. I want to share my knowledge and experience of my Sadhana and adventures in nature to help others realize their higher purpose. I have experienced the incredible effects of this feeling of “coming home” in my own body, mind, and spirit which has influenced me to live more consciously and compassionately. The world is in great need of this insight; it is obvious that we are gradually losing our connection with the earth and each other in our urban tech jungles.

Jonathan and I ventured on a life-changing backpacking trip to India, where we completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Himalayan Yog Ashram, and then began our advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training led by Rebekka Walker at Vancouver School of Healing Arts less then a year later. Through the incredible teachers at these courses I have been introduced to aspects of yoga that I did not even know existed, and I am forever grateful for all the experiences and the knowledge that has been shared with me thus far. I feel exeptionally humble and lucky to have encountered so many amazing teachers on my journey. As my experience unfolds through the present moment I grow more and more excited to continue to enjoy, laugh, teach, create, share and learn more from this fascinating and inspiring school called life.